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We provide innovative media automation solutions using our proprietary Automated Content Recognition (ACR) platform, AURALSYS™

Content Engagement and Personalization

Arm your contents with immersive capabilities that drives engagement, conversion and retention by providing tailored actionable opportunities to your audience through real-time content enhancement and second-screen synchronization.

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Sysoid is a provider of Automated Content Recognition (ACR) solutions and real-time broadcast automation services - ideal for integration and expansion. We are dedicated to providing efficient real-time media solutions to our clients through the services provided by Auralsys™, our proprietary media recognition system.

Auralsys™ is an audio fingerprinting solution that stores and match audio signatures against live broadcasts to provide broadcast-triggered services. Auralsys™ provides integration possibilities with other applications and platforms to activate real-time broadcast synchronization services, enabling broadcasters and content providers to take advantage of the opportunities that abound in today's media trends.


empower developers with content recognition technology to build systems that are intended to create media engagement services.

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Be empowered with an effective solution to build systems that provides insightful media performance data for advertisers to make intelligent media planning decisions.

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Capture comprehensive media compliance report in real-time on radio and TV! Our solution delivers accurate media spots compliance reporting.

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About us

In short we are a group of passionate people. Who love innovation. Going to work everyday with the goal of creating fantastic solutions.

We strive to deliver quality in products and services for clients. We believe in open standards, unobstructive solutions and the power of skilled humans.

We work hard to make media a pleasant experience - in return we trust our clients to recommend us, give us feedback, support us and help us improve through opportunities for innovation that offers massive improvement on their ROI.